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Co-custody agreement for same sex couples turning a new leaf

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2015 | Uncategorized

There are many children without a family to call their own in this country and across the world. However, co-custody agreement has not been easy for same-sex couples looking to adopt in Ohio. They face road blocks at every corner. The manager of placements at Children Services in Ohio is adamant that children belong in a loving home regardless of the form the family takes.

Two West Toledo women, who have been together for over four years, were married last October in New York. In April, they adopted a 19-month-old little boy but were not able to both have legal custody of him because Ohio did not recognize their marriage. The couple, who loves children and wants to adopt a house-full, planned to work around the system by taking turns being the legal guardian of the children they adopt. 

Many people believe that children need a father and mother in the house, but an Ohio judge does not necessarily believe that is true, noting that many children are raised with only one parent. Finding a couple in a committed, stable relationship is the most important factor to some when it comes to adoption. When it comes to the children themselves, they most desire someone who will love them. With the recent Supreme Court decision to recognize gay marriage country-wide, things may be changing in adoption for same-sex couples.

Co-custody agreement for same-sex couples has been a battle for years. Should these couples have the same rights to custody of a child as other parents? Any same-sex couple from Ohio facing a similar situation could substantially benefit from a lawyer’s services due to the confusion created by the ever-changing laws in our country.

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