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The odd reasons many couples divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2015 | Divorce

There are many reasons why an Ohio couple may get divorced, and some of the reasons may be quite odd. Every couple is different, and each divorce is affected by the unique circumstances that influenced the end of the marriage. In some cases, weird motives for divorce may complicate the process of dividing assets, determining child custody and navigating an inherently difficult process. 

Work-related stress can place a strain on a relationship and make it difficult for a couple to maintain a healthy marriage. Studies have shown that when a spouse has a long commute or works odd hours, it leads to a higher chance of divorce. In fact, a specific study found that couples were 14 percent more likely to get a divorce if one or both spouses had a long commute.

Other odd reasons for divorce include peer influence and the birth order of the couple’s children. Researchers found that those who had a girl first were more likely to end their marriage, and those who had close friends or family members who got a divorce typically followed suit. Not surprisingly, data indicates that couples were more likely to split up if one spouse sustained a serious injury or illness. 

There are many reasons for divorce, and some of them may deviate from the common reasons of infidelity or financial problems. However every couple has the right to seek a final agreement that protects both short- and long-term interests. No matter how complex the situation may be, a close analysis of the circumstances can reveal how an Ohio individual should proceed through the legal process. 

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