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Marital asset dispute embitters Johnny Weir’s divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | High-Asset Divorce

There can be more than two sides to every story when a married couple ends a relationship. For high-profile couples, the tale of a troubled marriage includes a public perspective, along with differing versions offered by the spouses. A persona, based on fame or even a prominent Columbus businessperson’s reputation, may contain a significant public record of achievements or failures.

Figure skater Johnny Weir gained prominence as an NBC commentator in the recent winter Olympics and has stayed in the headlines. In February, the 29-year-old athlete filed for divorce from his husband, Victor Voronov. Radaronline.com reported the couple separated after a three-year marriage.

After Weir announced the end of the relationship on Twitter and filed for the High Asset divorce, Voronov submitted a response. Beyond Voronov’s claim that Weir wrongly badmouthed him to the media, the spouse also stated Weir removed valuable items, including the couple’s dog, from the marital home. The items also included expensive collections of furs and designer handbags.

Voronov wants the dog back, claiming he was the pet’s primary caretaker. The jobless spouse also requested financial support to maintain the couple’s home and blamed Weir for hurting Voronov’s chances for employment. Weir revealed in an earlier interview that he provided the couple’s sole financial support.

Claims made in a divorce petition must be backed by evidence to influence a decision made by a family law judge. A request for spousal support must be accompanied by proof that a spouse needs it. A divorcing couple’s property is divided into separate and marital assets, with distribution based on laws in the state where the divorce takes place.

Before a divorce settlement can be reached, either between spouses or by a judge’s order, spouses are required to make a full financial disclosure. Separate property includes the assets or liabilities an individual acquired before marriage. Marital and, therefore, divisible property contains assets and bills collectively accumulated during marriage.

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