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Ohio divorce disputes intensify when emotions are high

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2013 | High-Asset Divorce

Several issues keep Columbus spouses from settling divorces in a timely manner. Some of the most contentious are disputes over child support and custody or property division. In many Ohio divorce cases, all of these issues delay a satisfying settlement.

When finances are the problem, many couples focus on the distribution of marital property. Spouses also have to decide how they’ll split the bills, too. Divorce disagreements can be resolved through personal or professional negotiations. Not every unhappy couple ends up before a judge, but many of those who do are involved in High Asset divorces.

Actor and technology businessman Ashton Kutcher was married to actress Demi Moore for six years before he left the marriage and filed for divorce late last year. The couple had no children during the relationship, but they have had problems working out terms of the divorce.

Both spouses came into the marriage with individual wealth. Reports said their joint net worth is over $300 million. Kutcher joined the television show “Two and a Half Men,” around the time the couple split. Since then, Forbes named Kutcher as one of television’s highest paid actors, with a 2013 salary of $24 million.

Sources said the former couple is prepared to make the divorce official.

The intensity of the Kutcher-Moore break-up made headlines. Kutcher reportedly was caught with another woman just before the couple’s split. Moore checked into a rehabilitation center for a short time. The spouses each moved into different relationships during the past year.

Reports said the couple disagreed about Moore’s share of assets concerning Kutcher’s tech success. Moore reportedly wanted $25 million for helping Kutcher meet the right business people.

Raw emotions spouses feel can influence how they approach a divorce settlement property. Sometimes, letting a little time go by allows those feelings to subside, so spouses can engage in reasonable discussions about financial or child care issues.

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