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Massive amount of child support awarded in Holmes-Cruise split

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2012 | High-Asset Divorce

A recent visit to her hometown in Ohio allowed Katie Holmes to introduce her daughter Suri to some of her family members for the first time. The trip was one of the first that the mother-daughter duo took after Holmes’ divorce from her former husband Tom Cruise. The split was expected to be a High Asset divorce, but a prenuptial agreement caused the divorce to end rapidly and amicably.

According to reports, Tom Cruise is worth approximately $250 million. When Cruise and Holmes tied the knot in 2006, a prenuptial agreement was signed that said if the couple divorced, Holmes would get nothing. Now that the marriage has ended, Holmes will indeed receive no spousal support from her ex-husband.

Though Holmes is not receiving alimony, she is receiving child support in the amount of $33,333.33 per month. This equates to $400,000 each year and it will continue to be paid until Suri turns 18 years old. This means that Cruise will pay $4.8 million in child support. Additionally, he has been charged with taking care of their child’s expenses. These include education, college, extracurricular, medical and dental costs. Cruise will also be in charge of any insurance coverage for the child.

The couple has agreed that Suri will not attend a school associated with Scientology or a boarding school. Experts believe that if Holmes pressed for more child support, she would have received it, but she elected not to do so.

Reports indicate that the lightning-quick split was fueled in part by Holmes’ desire to get out of her marriage as fast as possible. Her decision to do so allowed Cruise to avoid a trial which some believe would have revealed details that could have cast the actor in a poor light, potentially harming his long-term image.

According to information, Holmes is unsure if she wants to raise Suri in Ohio or stay in New York.

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