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Man convicted of abusing former wife, still receives alimony

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2011 | Alimony

Many separating couples in Columbus, Ohio, have disagreements during their divorce proceedings. Tempers may flare up, especially when it comes time for a judge to determine alimony. In some cases, the alimony may be diminished because of something a spouse has done. In other cases, it can be completely eliminated. When this occurs, it is often because one spouse has attempted to take the life of the other. But what about when one spouse sexually abuses the other?

A man convicted of sexually assaulting his wife of 12 years will be released from jail in 2014. Once he is out of custody, his former wife will begin paying him $1,000 per month in spousal support. The woman is astonished that she has to pay the man anything. Initially, she was required to pay him while in jail as well, but the courts quickly altered this decision.

According to the family court judge who decided the alimony requirements, he would have allotted $3,000 per month to the convicted man if he hadn’t committed sexual abuse against his wife. The judge also said that it would not be right if he did not award the man something because he was making $400 per month while his ex-wife is currently generating $11,000 of monthly income. His ex-wife said the ruling has made her feel like a victim once again.

One politician who was particularly inspired by this woman’s situation has begun an attempt to have the law changed so that this will no longer happen.

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