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Watch out for hidden assets in high asset divorces

Deciding who gets what from a couple's marital property has never been a simple task. The more possessions and assets a couple has accrued, the harder it can be to determine a fair means of splitting these assets. One spouse (or even both) may feel entitled to more than an equitable share of the acquired marital property. That can provide motivation for someone to start trying to hide assets.

Hiding assets before and in the early stages of a divorce is relatively common. Although this is an ill-advised practice, that doesn't stop plenty of people from trying it. If you have any reason to believe that your spouse may be intentionally withholding information about assets or if your marital estate is larger than average, seeking professional help with locating hidden assets is a smart move. It will help ensure that the division of assets will be as fair as possible when the time comes.

Divorce finalized for Casey Affleck and wife

Ohio residents may have seen some recent studies that show the divorce rate in the nation is down from previous years. It does not seem to be true in the entertainment world, however, as news of another celebrity marriage hits the media nearly every day. Ben Affleck is not the only member of his family starting a new life post-divorce. Casey Affleck and his wife recently finalized their own divorce.

Affleck and Summer Phoenix, sister to Joaquin and the late River Phoenix, were married 10 years but had spent 16 years together. They separated late in 2015 and were able to keep it quiet for nearly six months before the news was released to the public. They have two sons, ages 13 and 9.

Comedian Mike Epps and ex define terms of divorce

There are usually a number of financial issues to work through when an Ohio couple goes through a divorce. Spousal and child support, division of assets and even division of debts accrued during the marriage all need to be addressed, if they are applicable. Comedian Mike Epps and his ex-wife, Chenelle, have come to an agreement over the fiscal aspects of their divorce.

Epps and Chenelle met 14 years ago on a movie set and married three years later. His filing for divorce after 10 years of marriage came as a surprise to Chenelle, and she claims that another woman was his motivation. As in so many separations these days, social media was a major factor in the dissolution of their marriage.

Once-happy couple going through contentious divorce

Ohio residents who have gone through the process of a divorce know it is not an easy procedure, no matter how amicable the split may be. All too often, the problems in the marriage prohibit clear thinking when terms of the divorce are being decided. The divorce of one couple is being played out in the public eye because of his former and her present position as an elected county official.

The two had met when he served in his duty as the Clerk of Court and she worked as a clerk in his office -- a job she quit when they married four years ago. A year and a half later and after 16 years in that position, he retired. He then helped her campaign to replace him, which she won.

Grandmother wants child custody of grandson

More and more often Ohio residents hear of grandparents fighting for child custody of their grandchildren. A number of those cases are due to one or both parents serving jail time for some type of crime, absence because of illegal drug use, or they simply cannot commit to being the parents they need to be. One woman is fighting for child custody of her 3-year-old grandson after her daughter was brutally murdered.

Just after the mother was killed, the little boy was taken away from the home he and his mother shared with his grandmother. The grandmother says the Department of Social Services took the boy after receiving numerous calls defaming her character. DSS has the responsibility to investigate the claims to ensure the boy will be living in a safe, nurturing environment.

Do you know what to bring to an initial divorce consultation?

The time has come — you are ready to file for divorce. You've talked it through with some of your close friends and family, and you and your spouse simply cannot make the marriage work. However, now that you're ready to pull the trigger, you find that you don't completely know how to take the first step. You don't want to waste time by being unprepared when you have your first meeting with an attorney.

If you resonate with any those ideas and feelings, don't worry. You are just like thousands of other spouse who want to make sure that they approach divorce responsibly and don't know exactly where to start.

Celebrity parents agree on child custody terms

Ohio parents who are no longer together have to come to some type of child custody agreement when they decide to divorce. Sometimes they may need the assistance of a third party and sometimes they can agree on a schedule on their own. Robin Thicke and his ex, Paula Patton have finally found a child custody arrangement that works, not only for them but for their son, as well.

Not only has the divorce between Thicke and Patton been antagonistic, so has the path to this finalized visitation schedule. However, the time their seven-year-old son Julian spends with each parent will be as evenly split as possible. He will stay with his father Monday through Wednesday and his mother Wednesday through Friday. Weekends will be alternated, with holidays and summer vacations divided equally.

Man awaits decision in child custody case

An Ohio judge has many considerations when deciding upon the most appropriate course of action in a child custody case. The most important factor, however, is what is best for the child involved. A recent child custody case entails a man claiming to be the father of an abandoned baby.

An hours-old newborn was found alone and abandoned on the sidewalk outside of an apartment complex. The baby was naked and covered with ants. Investigators found the umbilical cord had not been cut as in a normal delivery, but had been ripped off, resulting in a bacterial infection.

Former NFL star faces lawsuit over divorce settlement

There are certain issues that both sides have to address when an Ohio couple goes through a divorce. The division of property, retirement assets and even debt accrued during the marriage will need to be decided, as well as payment amounts for spousal and child support (when applicable) are just a few of the concerns that will have to be resolved upon the termination of the marriage. The wife of retired NFL defensive end, Jason Taylor, claims she is having problems getting what she is owed, according to their divorce agreement.

The two were married for 14 years and had three children together before they divorced just over two years ago. Taylor's wife, Katina Thomas, claims her ex has not paid her $3.4 million from their $8.67 million arrangement. She says she has tried many times over to get him to pay her the money that is rightfully hers but that he ignores her attempts.

Seek clarity in matters of alimony and child support

When negotiating the terms of a divorce agreement, there are a great many details that deserve careful consideration. One example lies in how future payments between Ohio spouses are classified. When it comes to matters of child support and alimony, there are pros and cons to how those payments are structured for both parties. Failing to pay attention to the wording can have long term financial ramifications.

When filing one's taxes, money that is paid as child support is not eligible for a tax deduction. Neither is it taxed as income for the recipient. When it comes to alimony, however, the payments are tax deductible, and the recipient has to claim the payments as income. That can make a big difference in the bottom line when tax time rolls around each year.

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