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Divorce granted to son of former Vice President

There are many reasons an Ohio marriage might end. Two people who were once very much in love might decide they no longer share the same interests. One, or both, might have found love with another person. Sometimes, two people divorce because they just do not want to be together anymore. The divorce between Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, and his wife was recently finalized.

Mrs. Biden filed for divorce in December 2016 after the two had been separated for over a year. In the courtroom for the judge's final decree, she shed tears as she disclosed that she and her husband were living completely independent lives and had been for six months prior. She did not see a reconciliation happening between them.

Property division dispute settled for Orianne Collins

While the end of some marriages in Ohio are amicable enough, others are more contentious. When two people decide to divorce, common conflicts include child custody, property division and especially money. One example involves the former wife of singer Phil Collins, Orianne Collins. Ms. Collins recently reached a confidential divorce agreement with her ex-husband, investment banker Charles Fouad Mejjati, following a long dispute.

Ms. Collins and Mejjati had been married a year when she purchased an $8.4 million mansion. Just three years later, Mejjatti allegedly paid her $100 for the residence, although she claimed she did not consent to the deal. The divorce petition asserted that while Ms. Collins was taking heavy doses of prescription painkillers following crippling back surgery, Mejjati coerced her into signing the house over to him.

Silicon Valley couple to divorce

Sometimes people just do not get along. That goes for acquaintances, coworkers, and even two people who have been married for a number of years. Many Ohio residents who have gone through a divorce have seen first-hand that no amount of trying can make the marriage work. A power couple in the world of business have filed for a divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Silicon Valley residents Mark Pincus and his wife, Alison, filed their divorce papers several weeks ago, but they have just recently separated. Their marriage lasted nine years, and together they had three children: a boy and twins girls. While Mark made a hefty sum with his early investments in Twitter and Facebook, the bulk of his $1.28 billion fortune was made with his creation of Zynga. Alison made $30 million last year when the company she co-founded, One Kings Lane, was bought by Bed, Bath & Beyond.

7 things not to do during visitation with your kids

You and your ex were together for 10 years before getting divorced. You have two kids together, so you know that even ending your marriage doesn't mean you won't see each other going forward. The kids will always be a link that you share. They live with your ex, but you have visitation rights and will spend a significant amount of time with them.

As you work out your parenting plan and move forward into this next stage in your life, you may put a lot of thought into what you want to do with your kids, how you can keep your relationships strong. That's terrific, but you must also remember what not to do. Below are a few examples.

Bitter child custody battle between Keshia Knight Pulliam and ex

When Ohio parents separate, there may be several battles when it comes to the division of assets, financial support and custodial care of the children. Child custody battles can be brutal on everyone, especially when the best interests of the children are not kept as the main focus. Keshia Knight Pulliam is fighting to maintain control of her daughter in a child custody war with her ex-husband.

Ms. Pulliam, also known to fans of The Cosby Show as the youngest daughter, Rudy Huxtable, and her ex, Ed Hartwell, were not even married a year when he filed for divorce. He maintained at the time that she was pregnant with a child that was not his. She claims he designed methods to get her to physically lose the baby while she was pregnant, and therefore she does not want him around their child. He is now seeking joint custody of the two-month-old girl.

Wife of former sitcom star seeks divorce

Ohio residents have seen that celebrity status often comes at a price. Many entertainers turn to drugs and alcohol not only at the height of their careers but also when the roles begin to disappear. This may lead to alienation from loved ones in the form of a divorce or separation. The wife of Darius McCrary, who rose to fame in the popular sitcom, Family Matters, has filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences due to his alleged substance dependency and anger issues.

Tammy Brawner is requesting that a judge order her husband to stay away from their 1-year-old daughter until he gets help for his problems via a treatment program. In her petition for divorce, she wants sole custody of the girl as well as spousal support. She is also asking that visitation with their daughter be suspended until McCrary gets his problems under control.

Grateful mom extols ex after divorce

Former couples in Ohio who are no longer together may often find themselves fighting a battle over certain issues regarding the dissolution of their relationship. Numerous news articles relate the story of former spouses engaged in an all-out war over the terms of their divorce agreement. One woman recently made headlines over a Facebook post commending the behavior of her ex since their divorce.

The separation between the two has not stopped him from being an excellent provider for their son and a thoughtful friend to her. The post that has now gone viral recounts times the father brought necessities to the house so she would not have to go through the stresses of taking a young child to the store or times the son has been in need of new clothes and all she had to do was make a phone call. In addition, she says he is there for her when she just needs emotional support.

Hollywood couple headed for divorce

An Ohio resident cannot read too many entertainment publications, either online or in print, that tell of yet another celebrity couple announcing they plan to end their marriage. The bigger the "star," the juicier the details of the divorce seem to be. Although the divorce for actor Keegan-Michael Key and his wife has not yet been finalized, Cynthia Blaise says it has caused her extreme distress.

The couple had been married for 17 years when Key filed for divorce in December 2015. A separation between the two only began a month before the papers were submitted. While Key works mainly in front of the camera, Ms. Blaise is a dialect coach for the movie industry.

What can a stay-at-home mom expect in a divorce?

Your children and your home have been your career for years. You gave up your career outside the home to care for your children, and now that you're getting divorced, you wonder what the future holds.

One of your biggest worries is how you will support yourself financially after the divorce, whether or not the children stay with you. Especially if they do stay with you, you worry how you will also financially support them.

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke in embittered child custody battle

Many Ohio residents have probably noticed Robin Thicke and his ex-wife Paula Patton have been headliners in the news for several years now. After their divorce was announced in 2014, a child custody battle ensued between the two. The latest child custody skirmish has Ms. Patton once again filing court papers, accusing her ex of altering a court order that spells out visitation terms for their son.

Ms. Patton says the order was changed to make it look like she was the one violating the official terms. Because their son was in her custody at the time the Department of Child and Family Services received the altered documents, they determined she had breached the court order. Thicke threatened to have her charged with kidnapping. She also claims Thicke has tried to impede an earlier investigation by DCFS by compelling them to close the case against him.

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