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Tennis star's father in nasty divorce

There are many reasons married couples in Ohio make the decision to get a divorce. Communication problems, infidelity, intimacy issues or insurmountable personal differences are often cited by couples choosing to end a marriage. Monetary concerns certainly put a strain on even the strongest of unions. The father of tennis greats, Venus and Serena Williams, has filed for divorce and is making some serious allegations in the process.

Richard Williams, 75, has filed for divorce from his wife of seven years, Lakeisha Williams. Robert says he has reason to believe that his wife has been stealing his Social Security checks. He also claims she forged his name on a house deed and several car titles, making it appear as though he transferred them to her ownership.

Kevin Dillon and wife divorce

There are many reasons an Ohio couple may decide to get a divorce. Whatever those reasons may be, it is wise to keep different types of records, especially having to do with finances and important dates that can be produced for any court proceedings. Kevin Dillon, one of the stars of HBO's Entourage, and his wife Jane Stuart have found out just how important those types of records can be now that their divorce has concluded.

In July 2016, Ms. Stuart filed divorce papers with the court, stating the couple had been separated for just over a month. Not only were those papers lost in the system, but Dillon claims they were actually separated in 2008, just two years after they were married. A separation that long ago could mean all the money he earned from his HBO series would remain his separate property.

Divorce award cut because of ex-wife's defamation

Most Ohio residents like to talk. Some speak words worth hearing and some do not. In some circumstances, words can get the speaker in trouble, as in the case of a woman awaiting a final decree on her divorce award. A lower-court judge and an appeals court ruled any money she will eventually receive will not be as much as it could have been had she not blasted her ex-husband and some details of his activities during the divorce process to the media.

Around the time of the divorce, the husband fell in love with a former Playboy model 25 years his junior. According to just a few of the wife's claims to the media, the engagement ring her ex presented to his girlfriend had a price tag of over $200,000 while the former couple's daughter needed hearing aids costing $12,000, which he purportedly refused to help pay for. His attorney pointed out his client was only responsible for footing any medical bills for his daughter if he gave his approval for any treatment in advance.

Mel B's ex wants major funds in divorce settlement

When many Ohio couples decide to divorce, one of the most contentious undertakings is dividing the assets. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, the court will resolve the dispute between them. Fans of the 90s' British pop group, the Spice Girls, may be interested in some of the problems between Scary Spice, or Mel B, and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, since she filed for divorce a few months ago.

Stephen claims he is not earning any money at all and stays with different friends for a few nights at a time. Mel kicked him out of their house, and he says he is now homeless since he cannot afford a place on his salary of nothing. He is also not able to pay anything on a credit card with a balance totaling $60,000 and is worried his credit score is in serious danger.

Divorce mediation may make your divorce easier

Even in the best of circumstances, divorce is an emotional and difficult process. For many people, it can be a lonely process, as well as a source of pain and anger. All of those emotions can lead to poor decision making and unnecessary fighting. If you and your former spouse agree on most of the big issues in your divorce, you may want to consider divorce mediation instead of a protracted court battle. Mediation is a facilitated process where you and your former spouse, along with your personal attorneys, sit down with a neutral third party to examine various issues regarding your divorce.

With the help of your attorneys to ensure everything is fair, you and your former spouse will discuss what you want from the child custody and asset division processes. Then you can examine each point of disagreement and find mutually beneficial compromises. Sometimes it takes hours to discuss one issue you both feel strongly about. Other times, the whole process can be incredibly quick. As long as you and your former spouse are eventually able to reach an agreement, however, mediation can be beneficial for all members of your family.

Industry titan wants divorce after 30 years

There is no magic number that signifies a marriage is safe after so many years. An Ohio couple can decide their relationship works best when they are apart anytime after they say, "I do." However, it seems the longer a marriage lasts, the less likely the two will divorce. Not so for Larry Herbert and his wife, Michele, who have been married 30 years. At 88 years of age, Larry has told Michele he wants a divorce.

Larry is the inventor of Pantone, a system that produces accurate color matches in the industries of graphic arts, digital technology and fashion, to name a few. In 2007, the company was sold to X-Rite Inc. for $180 million. Michele was formerly in the entertainment industry as a dancer, actress and host for a talk show. She is also known for her expensive tastes in fashion as well as her generosity to a specific charity benefiting Alzheimer's research.

Soap opera star and wife go through nasty divorce

Some Ohio couples who end their marriages have a cordial break-up with little tension as they decide who gets what, who pays what and how much. Other couples, however, have a highly acrimonious split where they argue about everything. A well-known entertainer in the soap opera genre has filed for divorce from his wife and things are not going well.

Residents who have been fans of the soap operas "General Hospital" and "The Bold and the Beautiful" might recognize the husband, a former star from both shows, Antonio Sabato, Jr. After five years of marriage, Sabato filed the papers at the end of last year. The couple has a 6-year-old son for whom Sabato is seeking joint custody. His wife is counteracting his request by pursuing joint legal custody but sole physical custody.

Divorce of Vanderpump Rules star is finalized

When a marriage is just not working and an Ohio couple decides to divorce, each party have many questions. They need to figure out who gets what in terms of property, assets, children and even pets. Fans of Vanderpump Rules who have been following Scheana Marie and her ex, Mike Shay, may be interested to learn about some of the terms of their divorce.

The couple decided to part ways, purportedly over Mike's drug use. Although he had apparently worked on sobriety for several months, Scheana claims his relapse is what compelled her to move forward with the divorce, for which she filed late in 2016. At that time, Mike insisted to his Instagram followers that he was no longer dependent on drugs.

Celebrity couple comes to agreeable terms in divorce settlement

Ohio residents who have gone through a divorce know it is not always easy to agree on the particulars of a settlement. One celebrity couple, however, seems to have established the terms of their divorce in a copperative spirit and without much animosity. Singer and reality television personality Towanda Braxton-Carter and her husband, author Andre Carter, have decided to end their marriage of 12 years.

The two met in a nightclub and married in 2004. Although Mrs. Braxton-Carter did not file for divorce until last year, the two had actually been separated for nearly two years prior. She claimed irreconcilable differences as the grounds for the filing.

Wealthy couple finally agree on terms of divorce

The end of an Ohio marriage can be amicable, but more often than not, there is contention between the two parties. The division of funds, property and other assets, as well as decisions concerning any children can extend a divorce dispute from months to years. A well-known property developer and his ex-wife, a plastic surgeon to celebrities, have finalized their divorce agreement to conclude their eight-year marriage.

Bruce Ratner, 72 and worth approximately $400 million, and his ex-wife, Dr. Pamela Lipkin, 65, had an intense few months as they tried to iron out the details of their settlement. The two were married in 2008 after Ratner bought them a luxurious apartment in which to reside. A report did not specify the reasons why Lipkin filed for divorce last July but related they are both satisfied with the final agreement.

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