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Divorce granted to Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas

Many things can cause an Ohio couple to end their marriage. Financial problems, affairs and declining interest are just some of the factors to end a relationship that, at one time, seemed to have so much promise. The 15-year marriage between Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas has officially ended in divorce.

Borstein has been the voice of a character on the show "Family Guy" since the show's inception in 1998, while Douglas was a character on the original "Gilmore Girls" for the seven years it was on the air. Although Douglas filed for divorce in 2014, a report on the finalization did not give a specific reason. There was no prenuptial agreement on the part of either at the time of their marriage.

NFL player Jimmy Smith involved in child custody battle with ex

A nasty Ohio child custody battle can affect more than just the parents. The child is often hurt by the outcome, even if he or she is too young to know the details of the conflict. Jimmy Smith, player for the Baltimore Ravens NFL team, and his ex-girlfriend are seeking to change the terms of a child custody agreement from a year ago.

Micaela Sanchez wants sole custody of their 3-year-old son, legally accusing Smith of physical violence against her and drug use around their son during his times of visitation with Smith. She did not provide any details on an alleged abuse episode, and he has not been charged with abuse since they began their relationship. She did provide several pictures that could be condemning, but there was not enough definition to prove it was Smith.

5 tips to prepare for divorce mediation

Before you attend your first divorce mediation session, you might be feeling various levels of distress, nervousness and every emotion in between. You might be worried that it will not go well, that you and your husband will not be able to reach an agreement, or that your emotions will get the better of you.

With a little bit of planning, you can prepare for your mediation so that you feel confidant and ready when you walk into the mediator's office. Follow these tips to make your first mediation meeting successful.

Bitter child custody battle for Tyrese Gibson

Ohio parents who have been in the midst of an acrimonious child custody battle know it can affect many areas of their lives. Job performance can suffer, finances may be drained and health complications can arise. Actor Tyrese Gibson recently underwent medical observation after complaining of chest pains after his latest court appearance regarding child custody of his 10-year-old daughter.

A report stated Gibson was tested in a local hospital after complaining about chest pains and dehydration. Two sources, both allegedly close to the situation, gave differing observations. One says his ex-wife, Norma, hopes he is ok because their daughter needs him in her life. However, the other says this is just a tactic to manipulate the outcome of the hearing.

2 states weigh in on child custody battle

Child custody battles between two Ohio parents can get extremely frustrating. However, when the parents are fighting the state for custody, the battle may seem insurmountable at times. The child custody battle over a 4-year-old girl between her aunt and uncle and the state in which she was born is finally over.

The reason the little girl was sent by child welfare officials in her home state to her aunt and uncle in another state were not given, but at the time, there was reason to believe her new foster parents would eventually seek to adopt her. After a year, her home state made the decision to move her back to live with a foster family who had her younger brother, whom she had never seen. Her foster parents hired attorneys in both states to fight the decision, leading to a ruling by a judge in their state that they had the right to adopt the little girl.

Children of former U.S. Senator and wife at center of divorce

An Ohio divorce may be hard on former partners, but it is often hardest on their children, especially if there is a good deal of animosity between the parents. Hostile feelings between parents may prompt the unhealthy act of using the children as emotional weapons. That may be the case in the divorce of former U.S. Senator Al D'Amato and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Katuria Smith D'Amato.

The couple married 14 years ago and have two children together. Their children, a 9-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter, have their own attorney who has gone before a judge to convey how much the children missed their mother. This action led to the parents' agreement to share custody. However, the boy has reportedly said his father told him he would never see his mother again and then bought the child expensive toys to appease him.

From jail, to a modeling career to divorce: Jeremy Meeks

Communication problems, differing financial goals and unrealistic expectations for the marriage are all top reasons why Ohio couples get divorced. In the case of Jeremy Meeks, star of "Hot Felon," it was infidelity. Meeks filed papers for a divorce from his wife, Melissa, after the paparazzi leaked pictures of him kissing another woman.

Meeks and Chloe Green, the daughter of a British retail tycoon, have made entertainment headlines as a couple since they were spotted together early this past summer. Meeks cited irreconcilable differences between him and his wife as he seeks to move on to a new relationship. He also wants to share in raising their 7-year-old son, Jeremy Jr., and is seeking joint physical and legal custody.

Woman tries to hide lotto winnings in divorce case

In a number of divorce proceedings, assets as well as debts are to be split between the couple. Sometimes the split is even and sometimes not, but the court expects full disclosure of any and all assets held by both parties. Ohio residents who are contemplating divorce may be interested to hear the story of one woman and what she thought she was getting away with.

The woman and five coworkers split the winnings of a $6.6 million lotto jackpot, but she did not want to share any of her portion with her husband of 25 years. Eleven days after she won just over $1.3 million, she asked her husband for a divorce. Not only did she not inform him of her windfall, she also did not divulge her secret to the court. She had her annual installments sent to her mother's address as part of her evasion tactic.

Audrina Patridge seeks divorce from husband of 10 months

It is said people never really know each other until they live together. When two people marry and find they are not compatible, divorce is imminent. Ohio residents may be interested in hearing that reality TV star Audrina Patridge has not only filed for divorce but also for a child abduction prevention order and a temporary restraining order against husband Corey Bohan, a professional BMX dirt bike rider.

Although the two had been dating intermittently since 2008, they did not marry until November 2016 after the birth of their daughter. Patridge has stated the reason for the split is due to Bohan's explosive temper and emotional abuse. She has temporarily moved into her parents' house but is wanting Bohan out of the house she purchased before they were married.

Watch out for hidden assets in high asset divorces

Deciding who gets what from a couple's marital property has never been a simple task. The more possessions and assets a couple has accrued, the harder it can be to determine a fair means of splitting these assets. One spouse (or even both) may feel entitled to more than an equitable share of the acquired marital property. That can provide motivation for someone to start trying to hide assets.

Hiding assets before and in the early stages of a divorce is relatively common. Although this is an ill-advised practice, that doesn't stop plenty of people from trying it. If you have any reason to believe that your spouse may be intentionally withholding information about assets or if your marital estate is larger than average, seeking professional help with locating hidden assets is a smart move. It will help ensure that the division of assets will be as fair as possible when the time comes.

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