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Man awaits decision in child custody case

An Ohio judge has many considerations when deciding upon the most appropriate course of action in a child custody case. The most important factor, however, is what is best for the child involved. A recent child custody case entails a man claiming to be the father of an abandoned baby.

An hours-old newborn was found alone and abandoned on the sidewalk outside of an apartment complex. The baby was naked and covered with ants. Investigators found the umbilical cord had not been cut as in a normal delivery, but had been ripped off, resulting in a bacterial infection.

Former NFL star faces lawsuit over divorce settlement

There are certain issues that both sides have to address when an Ohio couple goes through a divorce. The division of property, retirement assets and even debt accrued during the marriage will need to be decided, as well as payment amounts for spousal and child support (when applicable) are just a few of the concerns that will have to be resolved upon the termination of the marriage. The wife of retired NFL defensive end, Jason Taylor, claims she is having problems getting what she is owed, according to their divorce agreement.

The two were married for 14 years and had three children together before they divorced just over two years ago. Taylor's wife, Katina Thomas, claims her ex has not paid her $3.4 million from their $8.67 million arrangement. She says she has tried many times over to get him to pay her the money that is rightfully hers but that he ignores her attempts.

Seek clarity in matters of alimony and child support

When negotiating the terms of a divorce agreement, there are a great many details that deserve careful consideration. One example lies in how future payments between Ohio spouses are classified. When it comes to matters of child support and alimony, there are pros and cons to how those payments are structured for both parties. Failing to pay attention to the wording can have long term financial ramifications.

When filing one's taxes, money that is paid as child support is not eligible for a tax deduction. Neither is it taxed as income for the recipient. When it comes to alimony, however, the payments are tax deductible, and the recipient has to claim the payments as income. That can make a big difference in the bottom line when tax time rolls around each year.

Mediation vs arbitration - which is best for your divorce?

No two divorces are exactly the same. What works for one couple may not be the best option for another. For example, while some couples can negotiate a fair divorce settlement, others have to let a judge settle property division and custody issues. Sometimes, litigation is not the answer. For couples that are looking for another route, there are Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods that might be more effective.

If you and your spouse are looking for another way to work out the details of your divorce, such as which one of you gets the main residence in Westerville, who gets the vacation house, how to divide the retirement accounts, and how to effectively raise the kids, then an ADR method might be your answer. Two of the most common types of ADR are mediation and arbitration. Knowing the difference between mediation and arbitration can help you choose a method that suits your needs.

Couple says they lost child custody because of IQ scores

Before their first child is born, most Ohio parents wonder if they have what it takes to raise their children to be productive members of society. However, those insecurities usually have nothing to do with how intellectually gifted they may or may not be, nor would they ever dream they would be fighting a child custody battle over that issue. The ruling of one state has left a couple struggling in their fight to win a child custody war.

While most people's IQ is somewhere between 90 and 110, the score for both parents is closer to 70. They say both their children have been taken from them based on a perceived disability because of their IQ level. The state claims neither parent has sufficient ability to raise his or her children in a safe, secure environment, but it also says it takes more than IQ levels into consideration in cases like this.

Divorce drama between T.I. and Tiny continues

Most Ohio couples who tie the knot do expect it to last until death parts them. When problems arise that neither partner feels they can overcome together, divorce is often the path they take. Rapper-singer T.I. has filed his own papers for divorce from his wife, Tiny.

Singer-songwriter Tiny filed for divorce from T.I. in 2016, claiming in no way could their marriage be salvaged. She has requested joint legal custody but primary physical custody of the three children they had during their six-year marriage. She wants a judge to make the decisions about all financial expenditures concerning the children as well as T.I.'s visitation rights.

Celebrity child custody arrangement unexpected to fans

More often than not, when a separation between two parents is nasty, the child custody battle will be, as well. The angry, spiteful feelings may cause each parent to use the children as a weapon against the other. It seems Ohio residents know more about these kinds of wars that happen between celebrities, as they inundate every type of social media. Surprisingly, the child custody decisions between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna seems to be completely opposite of their very bitter separation.

It seems the couple have been able to put aside their differences and compromise when it comes to their daughter, Dream, who is 8 months old. Although they have not put anything in writing as of yet, they attempt to ensure the time she spends with each parent is close to 50 percent. The child has nannies who go with her during her visitation with both parents.

Ben Vereen seeks divorce from first wife a second time

In most cases, ending a marriage is tough for an Ohio couple. At least one partner goes through the span of emotions, from denial and anger to, finally, acceptance. So, who can forget that they have been through that? It seems long-time entertainer Ben Vereen and his ex-wife both forgot they went through a divorce many years ago.

Vereen and Andrea Townsley married in 1965 when they were both still teenagers. In 1972, Ben filed for divorce before he moved to Los Angeles and believed the action had been finalized. Townsley contacted him two years ago and told him they were still married, information disclosed by the Social Security Administration when she had applied for benefits.

Baseball star is getting a divorce

Whether it is in the political arena, movies and television, or sports, celebrities in each field should know their private lives are no longer their own once they have reached a certain level of stardom. Unfortunately, it is more often the troubles of divorce, substance or domestic abuse, or financial woes that make the news rather than the happier moments. Ohio baseball fans familiar with the Chicago Cubs' lineup may be interested to hear that shortstop Addison Russell and his wife are getting a divorce.

Russell and his wife were married early in 2016 after having a child together six months before. His wife, Melisa, filed for divorce only a few days ago, but they have been separated for a while. She had recently posted on social media her suspicion that he had been unfaithful, with a separate post by an unnamed third party making claims of domestic violence involving the couple.

How your divorce attorney can help you

It's finally happened — you're ready to move forward with the divorce, but you don't know exactly what to do next. There's no need for embarrassment, this is far more common than you might think.

After all, if you've never divorced before, how could you be completely prepared already? Divorce is often a very emotional process and can feel overwhelming when you're in the middle of it.

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