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May 2014 Archives

Ohio parents' divorce agreement error creates financial mess

Ohio family courts resolve plenty of disagreements between Columbus spouses when a marriage ends. It's hard to believe that spouses willing to work out financial compromises could have legal issues, but they can. Casual arrangements for a transfer of child support, spousal support or property may fall outside the boundaries of a divorce agreement.

Child custody report: Heroin use is breaking up Ohio families

Multiple factors determine where a child lives and how much parenting time takes place when Ohio couples separate or divorce. Many child-rearing decisions are included in plans agreed upon by parents and approved by Columbus family courts. Sometimes child custody issues aren't resolved so smoothly.

Senate approval would change Ohio child support collections

Ohio lawmakers have given partial approval to the governor's state budget plan and, with it, the okay to move ahead with a new support enforcement measure. Others states collect overdue child support through gambling winnings and Ohio is a Senate vote away from doing the same. Proponents of House Bill 483 say the proposal benefits children.

Study: Health problems are divorce risks for Ohio wives

Older Columbus spouses may have very different needs in post-marital life than younger spouses. Spouses who choose to end a marriage at a younger age often prioritize child support and custody, while older spouses focus on marital property division and, when applicable, spousal support.

Details of Eliot Spitzer's High Asset divorce revealed

Ohio's version of a no-fault divorce is called a dissolution. Spouses aren't required to blame one another to obtain a divorce, but there are conditions. A Columbus couple must separate and work out all the details that will affect their post-marital lives. Notice how many issues are financial ones: marital property division, spousal support and child visitation, support and custody.

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