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February 2012 Archives

Same-sex spouse attempts to strip other of parental rights

A recent decision made by a judge in a state that allows same-sex marriage has affirmed the parental rights of a woman who was once married to her female partner. An appeals decision reaffirmed the ruling in the same-sex custody matter. This outcome may be very important for other same-sex couples, such as those living in Ohio.

Cellphone evidence used in more divorce cases

Cellphones have become a part of daily life, so it is no surprise that cellphones have become important in divorce proceedings. A recent survey found that 92 percent of divorce lawyers have seen a dramatic increase in the number of divorce cases using cellphone evidence in the last three years.

Antiquated law leaves father without daughter

A father from a state next door to Ohio is hoping to have an antiquated law altered so that he may see his daughter again. He has not seen her in three years and she is about to become 6 years old. The girl previously lived with her mother in Ohio, but since her mother and stepfather were implicated in a drug crime, the parenting skills of the duo have been questioned.

Alimony changes begin, trend starting in other states

Changes in many states are bringing an important part of the divorce process into the spotlight: Spousal support. State legislatures are considering alterations to alimony laws and some believe that it is time for change. Early awareness to changes such as this could make the difference during a divorce in Ohio.

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