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August 2011 Archives

Study says rising cohabitation and falling divorce could affect kids

A recent report released by the Institute for American Values and the National Marriage Project has indicated that more couples are deciding to have children out of wedlock in states across the country. Individuals affiliated with these institutions believe that the decision to do this may stem from people's hope of avoiding divorce. The report, however, argues that children who live with unmarried parents may experience less stability in their lives.

Humor may help those dealing with divorce

Many individuals are affected by divorce. One divorce website says that anywhere between 40 and 47 percent of marriages in the U.S. will end in divorce. Divorce is taxing, and it can be a difficult experience for some. For others, the key to moving on after a marriage has ended is humor.

Licking County marriage, divorce rates higher than Ohio average

Licking County, Ohio, has reported a higher marriage rate than the rest of Ohio for much of the past two decades. The county has also had a higher divorce rate than the rest of Ohio for the same amount of time.

More grandparents are taking over custody of grandchildren

The last few years have seen a rise in the number of so-called "grandfamilies" across the United States. Grandfamilies are defined as nontraditional households in which grandparents are full-time guardians and caretakers of their grandchildren. In some of these scenarios, grandparents have temporary or permanent child custody of their grandchildren.

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