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Sex change causes controversy for divorcing couple

The topic of same-sex marriage has been a popular discussion piece in the U.S. for some time now. Many states support same-sex unions, while others have outright bans against gays and lesbians getting married. Though the issue at hand is often how a person views marriage, the fact remains that many of these people have children. When divorce comes for these marriages, a custody agreement must be reached for any kids who are involved in the relationship.

Woman divorces because she's gay, worries about custody

A woman and her husband are choosing to divorce because she has decided to no longer hide the fact that she is a lesbian. She already has a female partner and plans to stay in a monogamous relationship with her. The issue is that the woman and her husband have children together. He wants sole custody of the children.

Fathers argue over son's move to another state

The worries of a homosexual man who shares legal custody of his adopted son with his former partner may be unfounded, according to the opposing attorney. The same-sex custody matter has left one father afraid that he will not be able to interact with his son as he once did because the father with residential custody has been granted permission to move out of state. This is a case that may shed light on interstate custody matters for those living in Ohio. The worried father believes that the state that his child is being moved to is hostile toward homosexuals and will not uphold the current custody status.

Custody rights hard to obtain for gay couples in Ohio

If a gay rights group in Ohio achieves its goal, gays may be able to marry in the state after next year's November election. The organization, named FreedomOhio, has made a proposal and is seeking to have it placed on the 2013 ballot. The proposal is an amendment to the state constitution that would allow two consenting adults, regardless of their gender, to marry. Bigamists, first cousins and siblings would remain excluded.

Same-sex couple seeks to legitimize family through adoption

The hurdles that same-sex couples in Ohio have to overcome in today's society can be quite numerous. Even with the recently announced presidential support of gay marriage, homosexual individuals are still struggling with certain roadblocks. Same-sex custody matters often hold many of these hindrances.

U.S. authorities take custody of Australian gay couple's son

An international same-sex couple -- living both in America and in Australia -- have had their son taken away. The same-sex custody matter comes at a time when several of the men's friends have been arrested for allegedly being associated with a child pornography ring.

Same-sex spouse attempts to strip other of parental rights

A recent decision made by a judge in a state that allows same-sex marriage has affirmed the parental rights of a woman who was once married to her female partner. An appeals decision reaffirmed the ruling in the same-sex custody matter. This outcome may be very important for other same-sex couples, such as those living in Ohio.

Donor and mother with former relationship fight over child

Same-sex couples in Ohio often go through situations similar to opposite-sex couples. They get together, break up and sometimes have children. One same-sex custody matter in another state is currently being litigated and it could end up in the Supreme Court. The case is one that Ohio residents should monitor.

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