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When a Columbus divorce can't wait until children are grown

Growing up is a challenging time of life. Rapid physical and emotional changes occur as children face everyday pressures from school and friends. Columbus parents remember how tough being a kid can be and do everything they can to spare children unnecessary hardships.

New study finds that divorce affects children's religion

Parents in Ohio and throughout the U.S. often blame themselves for the hurt that children feel during a divorce. Though splits often cause stress and anxiety for parents and children alike, it seems that there may be more effects created by the divorce. According to a recent study, religion can become a casualty of the divorce. Researchers found that this was the case for children that went through a divorce involving two religious parents.

Advice for those involved in a High Asset split

The divorce process is often one that leaves involved parties confused, emotional and distraught. Many couples in Ohio want the split to be over so that they can get on with the rest of their lives. According to some legal experts, this leads people to rush the process. Doing this can lead to many unwanted repercussions, especially if a couple is involved in a High Asset divorce.

The importance of financial trust in a marriage

Have you ever tried hiding something financial from your spouse? If so, many believe that you may be on a slippery slope towards divorce. According to a recent survey conducted by AARP, about one-third of married individuals report hiding a purchase or expense from a spouse on at least one occasion. This means that many couples in Ohio are lying to one another about how their money is spent. If such a lie is exposed, it can mean the end of a marriage.

Relocating after an Ohio divorce and the effect on child custody

Life changes following divorce can affect where an ex-spouse wants to live. When a new job or other opportunity prompts a divorced Ohio parent to move, decisions must be made about changes to child custody arrangements.

Why an Ohio divorce can trigger the end of friendships

What friends think of a divorce is often important to Columbus spouses going through the process. Established friendships sometimes fade or disappear through or after divorce without any explanation. Why do some friends disengage during a time when support can be so crucial?

Divorcing couples should consider tax implications, other costs

The number of divorces that happen each year in Columbus do not surprise most people. Like in other cities, most residents of Columbus have come to understand and accept the fact that divorce happens. One major part of the divorce process is the alimony determination, something that some splitting spouses dread while their counterparts may look forward to it.

Man convicted of abusing former wife, still receives alimony

Many separating couples in Columbus, Ohio, have disagreements during their divorce proceedings. Tempers may flare up, especially when it comes time for a judge to determine alimony. In some cases, the alimony may be diminished because of something a spouse has done. In other cases, it can be completely eliminated. When this occurs, it is often because one spouse has attempted to take the life of the other. But what about when one spouse sexually abuses the other?

Social media may play role in custody decision

A judge's recent request in a family court may leave some surprised. It came during a child custody dispute between the spouses who were working toward a divorce settlement. The husband alleged that his wife's Facebook account held several pieces of evidence that would help his request to receive full custody of his children. After hearing this, the judge told each spouse to share their Facebook passwords with the other and their attorneys. This also applied to their dating website passwords.

There are several ways to reach a child custody agreement

In Ohio, like in any other state, a divorce can be very difficult if both spouses are not on the same page. In some cases, a child custody battle may become part of the divorce proceedings. Because there are instances in which both parents want custody, it is best to be prepared.

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