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Woman up against tough opponent in divorce case

Domestic abuse is often cited as the reason for an Ohio divorce. Those in abusive situations are encouraged to call the police as soon as an incident occurs. For one woman, however, calling the police only made her situation worse as her abuser, her husband, was a police officer. In addition to filing for divorce, she is suing the police department for which he works for $15 million.

Convicted senator's wife wants a divorce

While most Ohio divorces hold some level of contention, the specific reasons for the split may increase the hostility. While many couples cite irreconcilable differences in their filing, others are more detailed about why they want to divorce. The wife of Senator Carlos Uresti has filed for divorce after his conviction for fraud.

Woman files lawsuit after divorce

The reasons an Ohio couple chooses to divorce are numerous. Infidelity, money issues or claims of irreconcilable differences are just a few of the more frequently-cited reasons couples do not want to remain together. One woman has a most unusual story to explain why her husband asked her for a divorce.

Woman seeking to divorce absentee husband

Nearly every person changes moods or behaviors over the course of his or her life. With some, it is a pleasant maturing but with others, it can be distressing to those closest to them. Ohio couples who have been or who are considering marriage often feel they know each other fairly well and have some certainty that they can adapt to spousal changes. If they cannot, divorce may be imminent. One woman is seeking a divorce under an unusual circumstance.

Mediation of your divorce offers a lot of potential benefits

Despite what you've seen in the media and heard from friends, divorce doesn't have to be a drawn-out, chaotic battle between exes where the courts end up making all the major decisions. Even if you and your spouse don't currently agree on the terms of your divorce, it is very possible that you can avoid a contentious divorce in the courts by pursuing mediation to settle the terms of your divorce.

Wife fears husband will take all in divorce

Ohio exes may attribute any number of things as the cause of their divorce. Money, another love interest or simply growing apart can all be reasons a marriage does not work out. A woman who filed for divorce from her husband several months ago has filed a new lawsuit seeking certain assets before her husband can leave her with nothing.

One woman's literal insult to injury when filing for divorce

Divorce is usually a chaotic time, even under the simplest of separations. For Ohio couples who have decided to end their marriages, it can be easy to overlook certain legal requirements if they decide to go the do-it-yourself route. An unpleasant surprise awaited one woman in her pursuit to divorce her husband.

Divorce papers filed by "Real Housewives" star, Shannon Beador

Going through a divorce is often a difficult process for an Ohio couple. In most cases, the details of the divorce are known only to a few people. For celebrities, however, it seems every type of media outlet has each element splashed across the headlines. Fans of the "Real Housewives" TV series may already know some specifics of the divorce between stars Shannon and David Beador.

Newly-released development in Jolie-Pitt divorce agreement

Ohio celebrity fans read all about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's impending divorce when the news was broken over a year ago. They may have even read several accounts of their divorce settlement. What they may not yet know, however, is Jolie has turned down the numerous financial offers Pitt has made since the two split after their nearly 11-year relationship.

Divorce can have a negative impact on your retirement plans

When you started saving for retirement, chances are you planned to remain married to your spouse throughout retirement. You were careful when you determined your costs and expenses, but you were expecting to maintain one household while receiving retirement benefits, pensions or Social Security for both spouses. Now that you're looking at divorce, you aren't sure what will become of you during retirement, or if that will even be an option for you.

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