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Finding a solution to a same-sex custody matter

Same-sex couples now have the right to marry in every state, but that does not mean that these individuals do not still face unique legal challenges. In Ohio, same-sex parents may find it necessary to secure the help of an experienced legal professional in order to successfully navigate family law issues, such as child custody. When seeking a positive resolution to a same-sex custody matter, our team can help.

A same sex custody matter is possible for some Ohio couples

There are thousands of children awaiting adoption in America, and many more are spending time in foster homes awaiting a stable home environment. While members of the GLBT community celebrate the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling concerning their right to marry, there has not been a significant change concerning their rights with regard to child custody and adoption. Citizens living in Ohio as well as in the rest of the country who are facing a same sex custody matter, which has not afforded them the same opportunities as couples from "traditional" households.

Co-custody agreement for same sex couples turning a new leaf

There are many children without a family to call their own in this country and across the world. However, co-custody agreement has not been easy for same-sex couples looking to adopt in Ohio. They face road blocks at every corner. The manager of placements at Children Services in Ohio is adamant that children belong in a loving home regardless of the form the family takes.

Supreme Court to make decision about gay marriage bans

Gay marriage petitions from Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee will now be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. On Jan. 16, the Supreme Court announced that it planned to make a ruling about whether or not gay couples have a constitutional right to get married. The Supreme Court's decision on the issue will determine whether statewide gay marriage bans will be allowed to continue.

Same-sex child custody matters are delicate

The difficulties that same-sex couples face in order to get married are well-known throughout the state of Ohio. But what about the difficulties that such couples face when trying to divorce? Ending a marriage can be just as hard as making it happen and because of the legal hurdles that one must face within this state when attempting a same-sex split, the process can be much more costly in both money and time. Think about the standard factors present in a divorce: property division, alimony, child custody and child support, along with the actual dissolution of the marriage. Now, add in the legal issues stacked against same-sex couples, and the expectations of a same-sex divorce should be understood.

How will repeal of DOMA affect gay divorce, custody?

Even though a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act has been repealed, same-sex couples in Ohio and other states may still feel the bias and pressure from opponents of homosexuality. This is made possible by the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to leave Section 2 of DOMA intact while repealing Section 3. In Section 2, states are allowed to deny marriages that are accepted and acknowledged in other states. In Section 3, the federal government chose not to recognize same-sex marriages and therefore barred the many benefits provided to marriages involving opposite-sex spouses -- this is no longer the case, though.

Mother receives support then tries to deny custody

The complicated environment surrounding same-sex couples is in a state of flux. This is because of the legal changes that are being made. Even though it is still illegal in Ohio, many residents —particularly in Columbus — pay attention to how this legal shift is playing out. For instance, a recent ruling on a same-sex custody matter may have a lasting effect on other judicial decisions in the future.

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