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Television producer and wife split millions in divorce settlement

"More money, more problems" is a saying many Ohio residents may have heard before. When going through a divorce, this saying just may be the truth. When a couple has fewer assets and liabilities, it may not seem nearly as tough to agree on a satisfactory division as when assets are held in abundance. Producer Steve Levitan and wife Krista accumulated millions during the length of their marriage and have finally settled on how those assets will be distributed now that their divorce is final.

Lisa Osborne files for divorce from husband Jack

Although the intention for most Ohio spouses is for their marriages to last until death parts them, that is not always what happens. There are spouses who try everything reasonably possible to keep a marriage on track who ultimately decide the best course of action is to divorce. Jack Osborne and his wife, Lisa, have decided to divorce after six years together and three children.

Divorce decision mutual for rom-com star and husband

Movies depict that falling in love, courtship and all the romantic gestures that lead up to marriage look like a fairy tale, making the audience think the couple actually will live happily ever after.  However, most marriages do not last 50 or more years without overcoming many obstacles. Many times, one or both spouses do not feel they can work through their problems and decide a divorce is best. Ohio moviegoers who cheered for Toula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding may be sad to find out the couple upon whom the movie was based have chosen to divorce.

Married woman discovers divorce was never granted

When an Ohio marriage ends, often one or both spouses already have a plan in place as to how they will move ahead with their lives. Some people may have another future partner waiting on them, and others may want time to themselves after an exhausting divorce. One lady knew just what she was going to do after her divorce but later found things were more complicated than she originally thought.

Woman surprised with a divorce

Most Ohio couples end their marriages because at least one thing in the marriage is not working and they just are not able to come to an acceptable resolution. Sometimes, only one spouse wants to end the marriage, leaving the other bewildered and floundering, wondering what went wrong. One woman recently received a real shock at the news of her own divorce.

What are the financial implications of your divorce?

Recent changes to tax laws will impact divorces, and people facing the prospect of the end of their marriage would be wise to plan well around these changes. If a divorce is final after the end of 2018, anyone paying alimony will no longer be able to deduct these payments for tax purposes. The person receiving the alimony will not have to pay taxes on it.

Divorce finalized in Bristol Palin relationship

Many Ohio residents have been through the painful journey of divorce. No matter the reason for the separation, it can be somewhat difficult to essentially start a different life as a newly-single person. Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, finds herself unattached again after her divorce from U.S. Marine, Dakota Meyer.

Couple may have to choose to divorce

The motivation for most Ohio couples to get a divorce is often because something in the marriage is not working for one or both spouses. When that happens and they will not or cannot fix the problems, the seemingly natural solution is to separate. One couple, however, may be getting a divorce for a completely different reason.

Legal fees in wealthy couple's divorce are astronomical

Divorcing Ohio couples often have numerous decisions to make when they divorce. Child custody and support, the division of debts and assets as well as legal fees are just a few points that need to be clarified when settling on the terms of a divorce. One man has been ordered to pay a staggering amount to his wife for her legal fees.

Wife of Stone Temple Pilot guitarist wants a divorce

Of the numerous reasons an Ohio couple may feel a divorce is necessary, domestic violence is the scariest. Walking on eggshells around someone who could erupt in anger at any minute is emotionally exhausting. If children are in the picture it is even more vital to find a way out of the situation. The wife of Dean DeLeo, guitarist for Stone Temple Pilots has filed for divorce, claiming she is afraid for not only her life, but that of her daughter as well.

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