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Choosing the right attorney for same-sex custody

Same-sex custody matters in Ohio are held in juvenile court, and state laws have not yet formally addressed same-sex relationships in regards to children. As a result, many same-sex couples find themselves in awkward and murky legal ground when it comes to establishing a custody relationship with a child or litigating a conflict with custody.

First divorce between same-sex partners in Hancock County

Though same-sex couples cannot get married in the state of Ohio, they can get divorced. Recently, the first same-sex divorce in Hancock County occurred and according to an attorney for one of the women involved in the marriage, this should not come into question. According to him, the state of Ohio recognizes marriages that occur in other states, including those between minors and cousins. He believes it should same-sex marriages regardless of the issues that many residents of the state have with homosexuality. This was underscored by the 62-percent vote to ban same-sex marriage within Ohio's borders in 2004.

Child custody could cause parental insecurity in adulthood

As the nation moves forward on the topic of same-sex marriage, many family experts have begun considering the possibility of divorce in such an arrangement. Just like opposite-sex couples, a same-sex couple will need to address many issues during a split. These include property division, spousal support and child custody. Though the subject of children being raised by two women or two men is often seen as a hot-button topic amongst people who do not support same-sex couples, the fact of the matter is that gay people can be parents, too. If they choose to divorce, this means that a custody agreement will have to be arranged.

Custody challenged after mother comes out

A divorce may seem like a major obstacle for some couples in Columbus, Ohio. But for others, it can be seemingly insurmountable, especially when the split comes back to haunt them. For one woman, this haunting came soon after she decided to come out as a lesbian. According to her, she knew she was gay since she was a child but refused to admit it, convincing herself that God had given her the brain of the opposite sex. It was not until she was told that she could be both gay and Christian that she decided to divorce her husband, a man she shared two children with.

Custody dispute ruling forces same-sex partner to move out

There are many roadblocks obstructing the married lives of same-sex couples across the country. Many in Columbus, Ohio, understand this and pay attention to the news reports involving complex family situations that contain same-sex issues. For instance, a recent ruling in Texas may cause a same-sex couple to break up, all because of a custody agreement and something called a "morality clause."

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