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Father fights child custody ruling from overseas

Members of the U.S. military have a tremendous responsibility in safekeeping the interests of the nation. Those stationed in Ohio know when they have personal problems, such as child custody issues, it can make their job even harder. While he is on deployment to Afghanistan, a soldier is attempting to have the recent child custody ruling by a judge overturned.

The soldier and his current wife have had custody of the 11-year-old boy since he was 2 years old, due to problems in the child's mother's past. Just before Christmas, however, a judge gave temporary custody of the boy to the biological mother until the father returns from deployment. The father is using social media as one tool in his fight to get his son back to the home he knows.

Blake Griffin and ex in fight for child custody

Some Ohio divorced couples know that two parents fighting for child custody can get ugly. Such seems to be the case between Blake Griffin and the mother of his two children, Brynn Cameron. The two were never married and broke up several months ago after Griffin began dating Kendall Jenner. Both Griffin and Ms. Cameron have made legal moves in the child custody chess game.

Griffin is an NBA player currently signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. His current contract is for five years with a payout of $173 million. He is requesting the court to determine child support and custody and has begun the process of legal paternity establishment to that end.

Child custody can be complex in an Ohio same-sex divorce

Same-sex couples have only had federal protections recognizing their unions in place for a few years. While some states, like California and Vermont, allowed for same-sex marriages prior to the Supreme Court decision in the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges case, same-sex marriage is a relatively new social construct in much of the United States, including Ohio.

Unfortunately, that also means that same-sex divorces are relatively new territory for many courts. With a rise in same-sex marriage, it was only a matter of time before there was substantial demand for same-sex divorces. While certain considerations, like asset division, remain relatively straightforward in same-sex divorces, issues like child custody and support may prove to be much more complicated for the courts.

Frustrations for father in child custody battle

It may sometimes appear an Ohio parent can do all he or she is able, but it is still not enough to win a child custody battle. Such seems to be in the case of a father trying to regain custody of his two children. He is not only having problems complying with the orders of the chancery judge presiding over his case, but he is now also going up against his own sister in the ensuing child custody battle.

The father gained full custody of his children just over a year ago, with orders from the judge to begin family counseling sessions with a particular doctor. According to the father, that doctor was not one that his insurance would cover, and the judge would not consent to him using a doctor in his plan. Furthermore, he was expected to pay the doctor's fee of $6,000 in cash. When he could not come up with the full amount, the children were taken from him and temporarily given to his sister, to whom he was then ordered to pay child support. The doctor he had been ordered to see died a few months later.

Divorce papers filed by "Real Housewives" star, Shannon Beador

Going through a divorce is often a difficult process for an Ohio couple. In most cases, the details of the divorce are known only to a few people. For celebrities, however, it seems every type of media outlet has each element splashed across the headlines. Fans of the "Real Housewives" TV series may already know some specifics of the divorce between stars Shannon and David Beador.

The couple has been married 17 years but Shannon recently filed for divorce because of irreconcilable differences. They have three teenage daughters, of which Shannon wants exclusive physical custody but is amenable to a visitation schedule for Beador. A report on the situation did not mention whether she seeks child support, but she does want an undisclosed amount for spousal support and legal fees.

Disagreement on child custody issues for Nas and Kelis

In any divorce where children are involved, some of the most contentious issues have to do with custody and visitation. However, deciding specifics in a child custody agreement does not need to be a dreaded event. Even when the parents' schedules are hectic, the child should be the focus of any custody concerns either may have. Ohio fans of hip hop artist Nas may be interested in the child custody battle in which he is embroiled with his ex, R&B singer, Kelis.

The two were married in 2005 after dating two years. A few months before the birth of their son, Kelis filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple had only been married four years and had to wait another year for the divorce to be finalized. Nas is now claiming Kelis is not allowing father and son to spend time together.

Newly-released development in Jolie-Pitt divorce agreement

Ohio celebrity fans read all about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's impending divorce when the news was broken over a year ago. They may have even read several accounts of their divorce settlement. What they may not yet know, however, is Jolie has turned down the numerous financial offers Pitt has made since the two split after their nearly 11-year relationship.

Pitt says his motivation in his persistence is in aid to their children. They have come to expect a particular lifestyle, and he wants to ensure it is maintained. The security protection alone for their six children is over $1 million each year, and he wants to continue to provide that. He also wishes to make sure Jolie has no financial worries as she pursues her humanitarian endeavors.

Divorce can have a negative impact on your retirement plans

When you started saving for retirement, chances are you planned to remain married to your spouse throughout retirement. You were careful when you determined your costs and expenses, but you were expecting to maintain one household while receiving retirement benefits, pensions or Social Security for both spouses. Now that you're looking at divorce, you aren't sure what will become of you during retirement, or if that will even be an option for you.

For some spouses, especially those who stayed home for years to raise children, the thought of divorcing close to retirement age is frightening. After all, no matter how much work a stay-at-home parent does, he or she does not accrue Social Security or matching pension contributions during that time. The primary wage earner may very well be the only person whose name is on the retirement account. Thankfully, Ohio's divorce laws protect the rights of both spouses.

Keegan-Michael Key's divorce agreement approved by judge

Most Ohio residents would probably like to make more than their current earnings. In many cases, that would be wonderful, though in a divorce situation it is not always ideal. In high-asset divorce proceedings it seems that the more one spouse makes, the more that spouse has to relinquish. The terms of the divorce agreement between actor Keegan-Michael Key and his ex-wife Cynthia Blaise have recently been made public.

The two were married for 19 years until May of this year, at which time they agreed on divorce terms but were waiting on a judge to issue a final approval. Blaise receives $655,000 and a timeshare in Mexico as her part of a split of their assets. Key will retain his Tesla and several financial holdings.

Divorce granted to Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas

Many things can cause an Ohio couple to end their marriage. Financial problems, affairs and declining interest are just some of the factors to end a relationship that, at one time, seemed to have so much promise. The 15-year marriage between Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas has officially ended in divorce.

Borstein has been the voice of a character on the show "Family Guy" since the show's inception in 1998, while Douglas was a character on the original "Gilmore Girls" for the seven years it was on the air. Although Douglas filed for divorce in 2014, a report on the finalization did not give a specific reason. There was no prenuptial agreement on the part of either at the time of their marriage.

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