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Social media and the modern divorce

As Ohio readers know, social media has impacted most areas of life. While there are many benefits to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, they could have a negative impact on personal relationships. It is not difficult to see how social media could lead to marital problems and even divorce.

Alimony: know your rights and potential financial obligations

Ohio couples know that financial matters are some of the most complicated issues of a divorce. Property division, alimony and child support are some of the most commonly disputed matters, even between couples who aim to avoid litigation. If facing a divorce, it is important to protect personal financial interests by understanding eligibility for alimony or possible financial obligations.

A divorce can impact tax filings

As April 15 approaches, people in Ohio and across the country are likely trying to pull together tax information in order to ensure they meet the federal deadline. For many people, taxes are a complex headache. For those who have recently been granted a divorce, there are some special considerations.

Can alimony be deducted as an expense on tax returns?

Ohio residents who make alimony payments to a former spouse may generally deduct these payments on their income tax returns if the agreement to make the payments was entered into after 1984. The spousal support payments may be deducted because the person who receives them is required to declare them as income on line 11 of their 1040 return. However, this deduction may not be taken for child support payments as child support is never tax deductible.

Factors considered in determining spousal support

When a couple files for divorce in Ohio, one of the spouses may seek an order for spousal support from the other spouse. In accordance with Ohio law, the court considers that each spouse equally contributed to the production of marital income. When determining whether or not spousal support is reasonable and appropriate, the court has many factors to consider.

Common property division errors

When a couple is going through a divorce, there are many things to remember. In addition to the relationship ending, assets and debts have to be divided. In Ohio, an equitable distribution state, mistakes are commonly made in the division regarding retirement accounts, tax considerations, jointly-held credit cards and other issues. An incomplete or vague agreement that does not encompass everything can pose difficulty for the parties afterwards.

Guide to alimony and spousal support in Ohio

Spousal support is granted to Ohio divorcees in the event that one party has a significantly higher income than the other. The logic behind spousal support is that it enables the lower-paying spouse to maintain a standard of living similar to the duration of the marriage. This may be temporary or permanent, depending on the length of the marriage and the employability of the recipient partner.

Ohio alimony agreements balance spousal financial disparity

Changes in society influence the modification of laws. Although spousal support is not gender specific, ex-wives have been the traditional recipients of alimony following Columbus divorces. That's because women often were disadvantaged economically when a marriage ended.

Burt Reynolds' spousal support debt is 21 years old

What does one spouse owe another after a marriage ends? An Ohio spouse may be ordered to pay temporary or extended alimony to a former husband or wife. Financial need is the deciding factor, not gender, although ex-wives rather than ex-husbands traditionally have made up the greater portion of recipients.

Ohio parents' divorce agreement error creates financial mess

Ohio family courts resolve plenty of disagreements between Columbus spouses when a marriage ends. It's hard to believe that spouses willing to work out financial compromises could have legal issues, but they can. Casual arrangements for a transfer of child support, spousal support or property may fall outside the boundaries of a divorce agreement.

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