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November 2016 Archives

Planning ahead is an important part of High Asset divorce

Divorce can be expensive. It can be expensive emotionally and well as financially. However, while the majority of Ohio residents spend months or even years planning for their wedding, most do not put in the same time and effort in planning for their divorce. This lack of planning can prove to be costly when it comes to dividing marital assets in a high\-asset divorce.

Divorce and taxes: the long-term impact

Ohio readers know that the financial aspects of ending a marriage are complex, and it can be difficult to fully understand the implications of decisions made during this process. It is critical to explore the long-term impact of issues like child support and alimony and how these matters could impact taxes. Overlooking the impact that divorce can have at tax time can have negative consequences.

High Asset divorce and a strong financial future

In Ohio and across the country, finances are one of the main concerns of people facing divorce. Indeed, money can be the source of some of the most difficult and complex of disputes. When one party is fighting for every dollar and employing various tactics to keep money away from the other spouse, it makes good sense to secure the help of a lawyer experienced in high\-asset divorce and complex property division. With the right help, it's possible to protect one's financial interests in a contentious divorce.

What happens to digital property and privacy in divorce?

Thanks to the separation of one of Hillary Clinton's top aides from her famous husband, Anthony Weiner, the matter of electronic data has moved to the forefront of national attention. With the dawn of the digital age, electronic data is now a matter of great importance when couples divorce. Ownership of and access to this data can be a murky issue, but it is one that must be approached carefully and effectively.

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