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February 2016 Archives

Post-divorce mistakes: how to avoid child custody complications

The decisions that are made during a divorce will have a major impact on all parties involved for years to come. It is essential that all child custody arrangements be determined with the child's best interests as the main priority, rather than the emotional needs and disputes of the parents. This is the first step toward avoiding some of the complications and mistakes made during a divorce.

Admitting that divorce is the only reasonable option

Ohio readers know that it is rarely an easy decision to file for divorce. This step may follow months or years of fighting, stress and difficulty, but many people still find it hard to admit that sometimes divorce is the only reasonable option by which a family can find peace and move forward. When divorce is the only choice for a person, it is time to take the necessary legal steps.

A divorce does not have to be contentious

As Ohio readers consider the end of their marriages or are already engaged in the divorce process, they may be wondering if they can avoid unnecessary conflict or litigation. In truth, many couples are choosing to move away from what is often considered to be a typical divorce and are instead seeking a more peaceful option. There are many legal ways that an individual considering divorce can reduce conflict and achieve a practical outcome.

Medical marijuana and the impact on child custody cases

As Ohio readers know, medical marijuana is legal in a few states with a valid prescription, but it is still prohibited in many other states. When medical marijuana crosses state lines, it can result in many legal complications, including a possible impact on child custody cases. A U.S. military veteran recently learned this after his kids were taken from him and his wife over his use of medical marijuana. 

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