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June 2015 Archives

What should you know about spousal support in Ohio?

The financial aspects of divorce are some of the most complicated discussions that will take place during the process of ending a marriage. Spousal support is one of the important issues that must be addressed before a divorce can be finalized. This is why it is important to understand how this amount is determined and what criteria will be considered by the court. 

The odd reasons many couples divorce

There are many reasons why an Ohio couple may get divorced, and some of the reasons may be quite odd. Every couple is different, and each divorce is affected by the unique circumstances that influenced the end of the marriage. In some cases, weird motives for divorce may complicate the process of dividing assets, determining child custody and navigating an inherently difficult process. 

Divorce success: make smart decisions about the future

Divorce is complex for many reasons, but one of the biggest complicating factors is navigating the process alone without the help of the person who was once a partner and ally. For this reason, individuals in Ohio should strive to adequately prepare for what lies ahead by seeking the assistance of certain knowledgeable professionals. With the right approach, future interests can be protected, and a divorce can be successfully navigated. 

Know your rights to visitation with your children

A divorce is often hardest on the children. Ohio families who have navigated the upheaval of this process know that it is best for kids when they can maintain close contact with both parents, but this can be hard when parents are not able to work together on a mutually beneficial arrangement. When a parent must fight for parenting time, it is useful to understand visitation rights. 

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