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February 2015 Archives

Navigating the complications of a High Asset divorce

Couples who are facing a High Asset divorce may find it beneficial to prepare before beginning legal proceedings. There are many things that should be considered when preparing for a High Asset divorce, but any Ohio individual can seek the guidance of an attorney, even before filing for divorce. When a person receives valuable guidance and advice even before a High Asset divorce, the process is often smoother and less complicated than it would have been otherwise. 

Protecting financial interests during divorce

Ohio readers know that divorce is a financially challenging process, but it is possible to protect personal interests and establish a solid financial foundation moving forward. One of the best and most practical ways to do this is to plan ahead financially for divorce, even before paperwork has been filed. Working closely with both financial and legal professionals is a practical way to understand options and take any necessary precautionary steps. 

Who may be granted visitation rights in Ohio?

There are several parties who may have an interest in visitation rights with a child. Visitation is not an issue that is confined to divorce proceedings, but one that can affect many Ohio families, especially those in which a mother is not married. Biological fathers, grandparents and other family members of the mother may petition the court for visitation with the child. 

Dividing marital assets and property division during divorce

An Ohio divorce requires a couple to divide marital assets, including property and financial accounts. This is a complex process, both practically and emotionally, and it can be especially stressful when there are disagreements regarding what qualifies as marital assets. State law clearly defines marital assets and how they will be distributed during divorce proceedings. 

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