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July 2014 Archives

Burt Reynolds' spousal support debt is 21 years old

What does one spouse owe another after a marriage ends? An Ohio spouse may be ordered to pay temporary or extended alimony to a former husband or wife. Financial need is the deciding factor, not gender, although ex-wives rather than ex-husbands traditionally have made up the greater portion of recipients.

Columbus divorce marital home headaches and solutions

Homes provide a landscape for a marriage, where the majority of a couple's good and bad times play out. Some Columbus spouses feel holding out for a marital home is a way to preserve the best of a fading relationship during divorce. Sometimes spouses simply want to avoid starting over in a new, strange place after a break-up.

Ohio lawmaker fights for military parents' child custody rights

No conflict with an ex over parental rights is easy, but some Columbus parents have a more difficult time than others. Try to imagine resolving a child custody or visitation dispute from a place from halfway around the world. That's a reality for some U.S. parents serving overseas in the military.

Rethinking retirement during a later-age Ohio divorce

Just as child-welfare concerns often dominate broken relationships of unhappy, young married couples, so do financial issues plague older divorcing spouses. Couples in the 50-plus age group are seeking divorce at twice the rate they were in 1990, according to an Ohio study from Bowling Green State University. Projections suggest the divorce rate among older Americans will hit 800,000 annually by 2030.

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