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April 2014 Archives

Study: Custody decisions in and out of Ohio favor heterosexuals

Will Ohio join 17 other states by approving gay marriage this year? Reuters recently reported the issue could be up for a vote as soon as this fall, if enough signatures are gathered to propose a state constitutional amendment. Gay marriage and the recognition of legal gay marriages performed outside the state currently are outlawed.

Student loans often excluded from marital debt in Ohio divorces

Separate property is any asset or debt you don't have to split with a former spouse when a marriage ends. Marital property is divisible between parting spouses upon divorce under Ohio's equitable distribution laws. That may not mean your student loan debt will be shared.

Ohio high court rules unvested retirement is marital property

Ask a Columbus resident to name their biggest asset and it's likely they'll say a home, even if they're still paying a mortgage. Homeowners who claim properties as assets may bank on the future, when they hope to own a home outright. The single largest asset for many people is frequently a retirement account which, for the most part, is accessible only under certain conditions.

Does changing your attitude make an Ohio divorce easier?

In the old days of terminating a marriage, one spouse had to blame another for marital failure. Before you say no-fault divorce changed all that, consider some of the provisions under the Ohio Code 3105. There appears to be plenty of blame left in the rules.

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