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January 2014 Archives

Rapists lose parental rights under Ohio House-passed bill

More than half the states permit men who father children through rape to petition a court for parental rights. Ohio lawmakers have crafted legislation that would "inhibit" father's rights for men with sexual battery or rape convictions. The state House recently gave the bill unanimous approval.

Dealing with threats that unnerve divorcing Ohio spouses

Spouses' feelings often don't remain static during a marital breakup. The initial knowledge or announcement of divorce can be met by an emotional tsunami. The urge to threaten or exact vengeance may be among thoughts on either side of a divorce.

Divorce is among resolutions made by some Ohio spouses

The start of a new year traditionally signals change. Promises are made, after short or long periods of contemplation, to make positive improvements in response to January's new, blank page. For some Columbus spouses, a New Year's vow includes plans to divorce.

Disguised finances can invalidate Ohio prenuptial agreements

Some Columbus couples create prenuptial agreements to protect individual assets in case a marriage doesn't work out. Before any financial agreement is solidified, the parties should understand the differences between separate and marital assets, according to Ohio laws, and know what makes a prenuptial contract valid.

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