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June 2013 Archives

The older your relationship, the more complex divorce will be

In the past, married couples together for years and years were often perceived as unbreakable. However, more and more, these supposedly ironclad relationships are turning to divorce to end years of marriage. Experts are blaming baby boomers for shaking up the status quo as the demographic continues seeing increased rates of divorce. It seems that many individuals are realizing that they are no longer happy in their relationships, and that they no longer want to spend the rest of their lives with the person they married so many years ago. Unfortunately, a number of divorce issues will be much harder to deal with after a long-term marriage as compared to one that is much shorter. One of these issues is spousal support.

Retirement becomes a major issue in older divorces

Divorce seems to be growing in a major demographic - baby boomers. With many of them over the age of 50 now, these divorces can be devastating to a person's retirement plans. This is particularly true when a couple gets married and does not plan on getting divorced, as most couples in Columbus, Ohio, do. What happens during a split between two individuals who have established their lifestyles and careers years before? The answer is usually a High Asset divorce.

Custody challenged after mother comes out

A divorce may seem like a major obstacle for some couples in Columbus, Ohio. But for others, it can be seemingly insurmountable, especially when the split comes back to haunt them. For one woman, this haunting came soon after she decided to come out as a lesbian. According to her, she knew she was gay since she was a child but refused to admit it, convincing herself that God had given her the brain of the opposite sex. It was not until she was told that she could be both gay and Christian that she decided to divorce her husband, a man she shared two children with.

Change in income may mean change in custody expectations

As many in Columbus, Ohio, have noticed, the landscape of the professional world has been changing for years now. According to reports, almost 30 percent of working wives make more income than their husbands. In years past, this would be unheard of and is causing some major shake-ups in certain areas of family life, particularly those involving divorce. One of these is child custody and some women are up in arms over the rulings that have been passed down.

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