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October 2012 Archives

The divorce party: a return to single life

A new type of party is taking a page out of the book of the bachelorette party. The divorce party is becoming more and more common as divorce rates hover around 50 percent. It seems that the majority of divorce parties are thrown by women who have recently finalized their splits from their former spouses.

Stereotypical custody determinations are no longer the norm

When divorce draws a line between a family in Ohio, especially one involving children, emotions can run high. With a child custody determination, a court's decision can sometimes leave both parents dissatisfied with the future of their children's whereabouts.

Divorce rate for baby boomers up, many assets likely involved

A highly cited study out of Bowling Green State University in Ohio has many older married couples wondering if they will last until "death do us part." According to research conducted during that study, the rate of divorce for couples older than 50 has doubled in recent decades. This means that more are experiencing High Asset divorce, a process that can leave both spouses less wealthy and potentially bitter toward one another.

Genetic mother versus birthing mother: Who gets parental rights?

A complicated situation has arisen for a same-sex couple fighting over a child that they spent two years with as a couple. That child was born in 2004 and the same-sex custody matter has been ongoing since 2008, when the child was about 4 years old. This situation is complex, just like similar matters that may occur in Ohio.

Paying child support as alimony has tax advantages but is illegal

Many married couples in Ohio understand the major effects of a divorce: division of property, separation of a shared life, slightly lower expenses on a halved income and the sharing of time with children. All of these things can lead to immense amounts of stress if not properly addressed. But here's one thing that some divorcing couples do not know: Spousal support is considered tax-exempt for the payer and as income for the payee.

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