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November 2011 Archives

Man convicted of abusing former wife, still receives alimony

Many separating couples in Columbus, Ohio, have disagreements during their divorce proceedings. Tempers may flare up, especially when it comes time for a judge to determine alimony. In some cases, the alimony may be diminished because of something a spouse has done. In other cases, it can be completely eliminated. When this occurs, it is often because one spouse has attempted to take the life of the other. But what about when one spouse sexually abuses the other?

Social media may play role in custody decision

A judge's recent request in a family court may leave some surprised. It came during a child custody dispute between the spouses who were working toward a divorce settlement. The husband alleged that his wife's Facebook account held several pieces of evidence that would help his request to receive full custody of his children. After hearing this, the judge told each spouse to share their Facebook passwords with the other and their attorneys. This also applied to their dating website passwords.

Frank McCourt to pay ex-wife $131 million

Frank McCourt, the former owner of a Major League Baseball team, has been working through the dissolution of his marriage for quite some time now. Along with the bankruptcy of his team, the man has been dealt a large financial blow. His High Asset divorce divided up six properties and left his marriage's high-cost lifestyle on view for the public. Wealthy couples in Ohio may be interested in how everything played out.

Ten Cuyahoga County parents face prison time over unpaid child support

After a divorce, some parents in Westerville and the rest of Ohio may find themselves waiting a long time before receiving that first support check from their former spouse. In worst-case scenarios, the custodial parent may never receive a single check for child support. Having been awarded child custody, parents with legal possession of their children have been awarded this money and if it is not paid for a considerable length of time, the noncustodial parent may find him or herself in court once again, this time with criminal charges being brought against them.

There are several ways to reach a child custody agreement

In Ohio, like in any other state, a divorce can be very difficult if both spouses are not on the same page. In some cases, a child custody battle may become part of the divorce proceedings. Because there are instances in which both parents want custody, it is best to be prepared.

Messy divorces can affect personal decision-making

Many who are ending their marriage in Ohio likely worry about how their spouses will react. Some are lucky enough to have a marriage that is ending amicably, but others, when filing for divorce, become stressed when thinking about the reaction the news will bring about in their spouse.

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